Villa Allegra for Sale

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After six years of very satisfying work, both inside and out, Orna and I have decided that it’s time for us to start looking outside our comfort zone for a new adventure. So, we’ve put Villa Allegra, our little bright-white house with Santorini-blue shutters, up for sale.

Located in the picturesque Valle d’Itria, in the Alto Salento subregion of Puglia in southeastern Italy, Villa Allegra is equidistance to the smart towns of Ostuni and Cisternino and only a short drive away from 20 km of blue flag-rated beaches along the Adriatic coast.

Built in 2016, Villa Allegra, sitting at the very top of a hill in the Contrada Cinera neighborhood, has been our year-round address. It is absolutely in immaculate, turn-key condition. All it needs is a new owner looking for the perfect place to hang his or her hat and call home.

The Valle d’Itria is a highly sought-after…

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4 thoughts on “Villa Allegra for Sale

  1. I have been following your activities, and I will give you a call soon . I am sure that you will have no problem selling. It looks fantastic. Love Diana x

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  2. I wish! It’s a beautiful place and so reasonably priced compared to prices on California where we’re visiting right now! For that price, you might get a very small home. Of course the commute is a bit different. What I really want to know is what’s next for you two? 😉

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