Phoetry: Legendary Venice

The Palladian Traveler

This is the third in a series of collaborations with fellow blogger, and poet laureate, Orna O’Reilly of Orna O’Reilly: Travelling Italy, where we marry her original prose with my original photos and, sometimes, vice versa.

Regardless of who writes or who shoots, the end result of these creative efforts is what we’ve dubbed PHOETRY.

Next up, a Walks of Italy guided tour through Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. It’s Legendary Venice in rhyming couplets.



Words by Orna O’Reilly – Photos by Tom Weber

The morning dawned bright for our blogging event
As we climbed on the train and to Venice we went.

With time for cicchetti, an ombra or two
We meandered the cobble; the time fairly flew.

Piazza San Marco’s the place where we greet
Our excellent guide we were happy to meet.

She said “Call me Freddy!” and off we all…

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