After You’ve Gone: On the Beach at Ostuni

My favourite place for a morning walk is down along the beach in Villanova. It is just a few minutes from the picture perfect town of Ostuni and I was recently struck by the huge difference between what’s there in August for the holidaymakers and how it looks for us in January.

Here we are early on a sunny summer morning, beach-goers have yet to arrive.

Now take a look at the same beach in winter, when I have it all to myself.

There’s a house along the path at Gorgognolo, that looks very different in summer in winter too.


….and winter.

I treasure my winter walks in Villanova, after you’ve gone, when I have paradise all to myself, but I’ve got to get up very early in summer to achieve that!

Orna O’Reilly

Ostuni, Italy


10 thoughts on “After You’ve Gone: On the Beach at Ostuni

    • The problem with those walks is that it gets incredibly hot in July and August. Even early morning can be sweltering. Got to get up earlier and earlier…..But yes, I far prefer walking from late September until June. Then it’s perfect.

  1. Thank you Orna, I would love that.

    Wonder can you connect with me on What’s App! don’t have your number!

    Best regards


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