Porto: Reviving Portuguese Grandeur

Yes I know. I usually blog on Italy, but I have just visited Porto in Portugal and found it completely fascinating. I think, when you’ve seen these photographs you are bound to agree.

My son and daughter-in-law recently moved there, which provided a great opportunity to visit. As a result, Tom and I spent a week in this intriguing city which straddles the shores of the River Douro.

It is hilly, with quaint houses, cobble-stoned streets and tiled churches.

I am always fascinated by different styles of architecture and love the grand Portuguese houses covered in colourful tiles. I couldn’t resist sharing some of my photographs, many taken from the breezy top-deck of the Red Bus, as we explored the old city, often called Oporto.

Many of the old houses have been neglected and have an air of faded grandeur. These are quickly being snapped up and restored.

Porto is an up and coming tourist destination and it shows in the newly restored houses and a skyline dotted with cranes.

There are plenty of grand Portuguese mansions too.

The city has so many things to do and see that, even after a full week of sight-seeing, we felt we had only scratched the surface.

I’ll be bringing you more picturesque blogs from Porto over the next few weeks, so stand by!

Orna O’Reilly

Ostuni, Italy


9 thoughts on “Porto: Reviving Portuguese Grandeur

  1.   Hi Orna,

    Delighted to receive your blog on Porto by email. You’ve been on my mind. I emailed you on October 5 to two email addresses I have for you, you may have missed them or no longer using the email addresses – orna@ornaoreilly.com ornaoreilly@gmail.com

    I listened to your interview on your book on Rte player. What an amazing life you have created in Italy. Lovely to see you and Tom enjoyed a wonderful time together.

    Love to have a chat on What’s App sometime!

    Best regards


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