A Taste of Russia

Salmon caviar

Salmon caviar

On my recent visit to Russia, courtesy of Insight Vacations, with fellow travel writer and photographer Tom Weber, The Palladian Traveler, I had absolutely no idea what sort of food would be on the menu. My familiarity with Russian food was zero and I wondered whether or not I would like what was served. On that basis, I imagine many of you who have never visited this vast country, nor sampled its fare, will be interested in what I found out about its unique culinary habits.

On our eight day trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow, we sampled a great deal of different foodstuffs, trying to keep to traditional Russian food, which included plenty of typical Georgian, Siberian and Ukranian dishes.

Here is a photo journal of a lot of what we ate. Just click on the individual photos for a full description.

Here are just a couple of the wines we drank along the way. Most of the restaurants we visited had extensive wine lists, with wines available from all over the world.

The typically Russian restaurants were homely and budget friendly.

Everything we ate was a culinary surprise and our mealtimes became a series of delicious adventures into the unknown. Our Easy Pace Russia journey gave us ample opportunity to seek out plenty of these little restaurants along the way.

For full details on our Russian journey with Insight Vacations click HERE

Dobroy Nochi (good night)!

Night night from Moscow

Orna O’Reilly

Veneto, Italy


8 thoughts on “A Taste of Russia

    • No idea, but we went into the most Russian restaurants we could find…budget type restaurants that, for the most part, were not crammed with tourists; mainly locals.

  1. What restaurants in St. Petersburg and Moscow did you visit? Which ones would you recommend ? Not recommend ?
    Thanks! We are doing this Insight tour Sept. 2017 and I am already looking at restaurant recommendations .
    Did you do a review of the entire tour? If so, where can we find it?

    • I can’t really remember the names as they were in Russian! Gannedy, the tour director, recommended some of them and we were rarely disappointed. You will definitely enjoy the experience and I strongly recommend doing ALL the optional trips. It’s an absolutely FABULOUS tour. 🙂

    • As we have just returned from our Easy Pace Russia trip, we are both writing our blogs now. They will take a while to finish, so keep following for plenty of information about this excellent tour.

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