In the Pink: Rosato Wines of Puglia

I originally published this blog last year, but it’s cool rosato time again here in Puglia. Cin cin!

Orna O'Reilly: Travelling Italy

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My very first sip of rosè was when I was about twenty years old and gaining some familiarity with wine. As a fledgling wine-drinker, I was lucky to have a father who was deeply interested in wine and who, subsequently, became a large importer in Ireland; a mantle happily picked up and worn by my brother to this day. So I have always had expert hands to guide me through my wine choices.  To be honest, I thought that first rosè was pretty ordinary compared to most of the red and white wines I was being introduced to simultaneously. As a result, I decided to give pink wine a miss and it was some years before I drank it again with any enthusiasm.

Visiting France on a regular basis, I always enjoyed a glass or two of chilled rosè, particularly on trips to Provence, but never became excited about…

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One thought on “In the Pink: Rosato Wines of Puglia

  1. Ciao Orna, I just returned from my yearly trip to Puglia and my amico Peppe Zullo gave me a bottle of an award-winning rosato that won the 2017 argent prize ‘le mondial du rose’ in France. It is Calarosa, a Nero di Troia rosato by Borgo Turrito in Borgo Incoronato (FG). I won’t be able to get any more until next year, but you may be able to-try it if you get the chance. Salute, Cristina

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