We’re on TV. Tonight’s the Night!

As I have mentioned on a previous blog, a production team from RAI 3, an Italian television channel, arrived at our home, Villa Allegra, in the campagna near Ostuni, Puglia, last December. They spent two full days interviewing my husband, Tom, and me about how we met and our lives in general.

Rome January 2018

They filmed our home and surroundings……

….and, having interviewed us extensively and recorded me cooking a huge fish pie, they filmed us strolling and taking photographs in the picture-perfect town of Ostuni, gazing up at the Christmas tree in Piazza della Liberta and admiring the Christmas lights. An adventure indeed!

Led by tall (6ft 5ins) handsome, Italian actor, Francesco Siciliano, who carried out the interviews – a man with a great sense of humour –

….we were efficiently organised by Claudia Carotenuto and cinematographer Stefano De Concilio

Tonight that programme, Non Ho L’Eta, will air on RAI 3 and you can see it by clicking HERE. However, I am not sure if it is available outside of Italy, but perhaps you could let me have some feedback and let me know if you managed to see it. It airs tonight at 20.15, Italian time (GMT+1).

Orna O’Reilly

Ostuni, Puglia

Just to let you know that Panama Pictures are now recruiting for next season. Details are below.



8 thoughts on “We’re on TV. Tonight’s the Night!

  1. I think we can watch on my Phone using RaiPlay, and then cast it to the TV.
    I’ve got a VPN app (VPN Master) that allows me to log on as though in Italy, so that should fix it in case of any conflict!
    The show is called ‘No ho l’eta’ – right?

  2. Was great. We happily ascertained that RAI3 was already configured on our Swiss network. Terrific show and loved the scenes at Casa Allegra. Terrific job on retrieving the old footage too. Well done. J

    • The old footage was theirs; capturing time and place. Photos were ours. I’m relieved it went so well. I thought Tom was extremely brave allowing himself to be interviewed in Italian. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you back in Puglia soon. 😊

  3. Bellissimo! I just watched your program from the United States on the link for RaiPlay. I had to sign up with my email to have access. It was such a beautiful show. I feel a little goofy because I still have a big smile on my face as I write this. Complimenti vivissimi!

    • Thanks Karen. It was quite an exhausting experience….first of all, the two days they spent here, the weather was atrocious. Certainly we have blue skies at least 95% of the time here in Ostuni and it was cold and wet then. So it was difficult to do our gorgeous part of the world justice. Then we were concerned that it would be hugely embarrassing for all our family and friends. But the outpouring of enthusiasm for what everyone watched has been almost overwhelming. Heartwarming! 😊

      • The back of my mind did register that it looked a little chilly, but you were the real story and your house still looked beautiful. That’s the plus of living in such a gorgeous place, even without sun, it holds up. The piece was very tastefully done, no hesitation whatsoever. I can’t imagine anyone not having thoroughly enjoyed it. Now you have something else to celebrate!

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