Ortigia: Syracuse’s Tiny Little Island

Ortigia, Sicily l ©ornaoreilly.com

Hopping into my hired Cinquecento I headed off under cloudless blue, late spring skies for the four hour drive across the island of Sicily from Trapani to the city of Syracuse on the south eastern shore. An interesting drive in itself, this autostrada is a feat of engineering as it curves through the mountains of central Sicily, passing evocative signposts such as Corleone and Prizzi.

Sicily - April 10th - 17th Road to Siracusa blog

The little island of Ortigia is joined to Syracuse by three bridges over a narrow channel.

It contains the historical centre of the city itself and is a warren of narrow streets and mellow baroque architecture.

Arriving at my destination on the south side of the island, the Hotel Maniace, via the bustling narrow alleyways of Ortigia, I breathed a sigh of relief. The last part of the journey had been slightly confusing with Ms. Garmin, my Sat-Nav lady, insisting I “recalculate” at regular intervals, but I had survived and arrived in one piece.

I couldn’t wait to explore.

Ortigia, though tiny – approximately 1km by 500 metres – is packed with interesting things to see. It is a popular tourist destination, brim-full of a great variety of shops, bars and restaurants.

Close to my hotel was the 13th century Castello Maniace jutting out into the sea overlooking the sheltered bay. Apparently, there has been some sort of defensive fort in this vital strategic position since Syracuse was first inhabited about 3000 years ago.

Castello Maniace

Other interesting sights include the 7th century BC Temple of Apollo and busy Piazza Archimede with its extravagant fountain, named after Archimedes the famous mathematician who was born there in 287BC.

Gorgeous Piazza Duomo reminded me of a huge outdoor sitting room with lots of bars and cafes, where you can sip on a limoncello or visit the striking Duomo and the church of Santa Lucia.

Overall, Ortigia is the perfect place to stroll around, taking in the mellow architecture and visiting the most fantastic fish and vegetable market I have ever seen. Just listen to the fishmongers, as they sing out a litany of their produce for the entertainment of all!

For details on how to get to Ortigia and full details click HERE.Ortigia, Sicily l ©ornaoreilly.com

22 thoughts on “Ortigia: Syracuse’s Tiny Little Island

  1. Wow, this place looks amazing! Your photos are outstanding, as always, and your post makes fascinating reading! Another one to add to my wish list!!!

    • Hey Linette! Thank you so much for the positive comments. Blogging and trying to write a book at the same time is challenging, to say the least! Hope you are well. Orna

    • Thanks Susan. I always use a camera, but these shots were taken with my old one, pre 2015 when I upgraded. Ortigia is just the most beautifully photogenic location whatever one uses. 🙂

  2. Stunning as always Orna..I find myself so in love with Sicily its beauty & charm..your photos just confirm my fascination.. Glorious traditions & history from the food to the architecture.

    • Thank you Christina. I absolutely love Sicily and plan to visit as often as possible. It is so different from the rest of Italy and really pretty exotic. Orna 🙂

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