Phoetry: Wine and Cheese in the Euganean Hills

These Phoetry collaborations between me and The Palladian Traveler, Tom Weber, are a lot of fun. Read on…..

The Palladian Traveler

This is the fourth in a series of collaborations with fellow blogger Orna “The Rhymer” O’Reilly of Orna O’Reilly: Travelling Italy, where we marry her original prose with my original photos and, sometimes, vice versa.

Regardless of who writes or who shoots, the end result of these creative efforts is what we’re calling PHOETRY.

Next up, a degustazione (tasting) of cheeses from around the Mediterranean paired with stellar wines from the Ca’ Lustra Winery in the Colli Euganei. It’s Wine and Cheese in the Euganean Hills in rhyming couplets.


Wine and Cheese in the Euganean Hills

Words by Orna O’Reilly – Photos by Tom Weber

An email arrived from Ca’ Lustra. It went:
‘We invite you to come to a special event.
We’re having a tasting of wine with some cheese.’
Said Rita: ‘Do come as you blog about these.’

Ca' Lustra Winery | ©

‘It’s the first time we’ve hosted a wine and…

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6 thoughts on “Phoetry: Wine and Cheese in the Euganean Hills

  1. Hi Orna,
    The last few entries look so exciting. I am visiting Milan in September. Would you by chance be near that area in the month of September? I would like very much to meet you.

    Geraldine O’Sullivan

    • Hi Geraldine, I don’t live near Milan and have no plans to visit there in the near future. But if you are in the area of Padova or Vicenza, do let me know and we can make a plan. Delighted you like my blogs. Best, Orna

    • I live just down the road from Ca’ Lustra in the heart of the fabulous wine country that comprises Colli Euganei. It’s an incredibly beautiful area. Love living here. 🙂

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