Puglia in Winter: Around Ostuni

Now living near Ostuni and loving it. Puglia in winter is a magic place.

Orna O'Reilly: Travelling Italy

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Winter sunset in Ostuni is spectacular, turning La Citta Bianca (The White City) as it is known, into a city tinged with gold and purple.

St. Oronzo is the patron saint of Ostuni and he stands high above Piazza Liberta keeping a watchful eye on his beautiful city.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

For the past week I have been staying in Ostuni, Puglia, down on the heel of Italy. The weather here is mild and sunny and I have been taking many exploratory walks in the area. As I have explored, so have I been taking lots of photos and thought I would share some of them with you as I travel.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Ancient olive trees dot the countryside and at the moment the olive groves are carpeted with wild flowers, making a fabulous display.

Harvesting continues, as evidenced by the nets laid out around the trees in many olive groves.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

I have made a…

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