Italian Beach Holiday: Caorle

Millions of tourists visit Venice every year and are completely unaware that right next door to that magical city are several excellent beaches.

When I was living in the Veneto, I visited a number of these beaches, including Lido di Jesolo, about which I blogged, and then, a few years ago, I decided to spend a few days relaxing in the family friendly town of Caorle, its 12,000 inhabitants making it one of the largest municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Venice.

Me, enjoying Caorle!

Before it was discovered by tourists, Caorle was a fishing port and still is today.

Caorle (pronounced CAH-OHR-LAY ) lies just north of the Venetian Lagoon, overlooks 18 kilometres of wide sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea and is perfect for a family holiday.

For starters, there are two enormous beaches. Taking them from north to south, you have Spiaggia Levante (Levante Beach), at the end of which is the distinctive Sanctuary of Madonna dell Angelo, jutting out onto a promontory. The sanctuary marks the beginning of a long lungomare which passes by the old town and arrives at another stretch of beach, Spiaggia di Ponente (Ponente Beach).

These two long beaches are well maintained and have a Blue Flag rating making them perfect for families. Rows and rows of sun-loungers and plentiful changing and ablution facilities, play areas for children and, for those who like to keep their beach bodies in shape, there are plenty of fitness areas too.

Up close and personal on Caorle beach!

Caorle’s Blue Flag rating for their beaches has recently been joined by the Spighe Verdi, which is awarded to Italian cities and towns that work to keep their areas green and environmentally friendly.

The town and its surroundings along the beaches can accommodate about 50,000 visitors at a time, due to the huge selection of hotels, B&Bs and holiday apartments on offer.

Being an avid early morning walker, I was delighted to find that the endless promenade stretches as far as the eye could see. On those summer mornings, I was always one of many other walkers, joggers and cyclists out enjoying the mild sunny weather.

Plenty of people walking their dogs too!

A man and his dog

The old centre of Caorle is pretty and colourful. Full of restaurants and cafes, ice cream vendors and shops, the brightly painted houses make it a wonderful spot to stroll in the evenings.

The main piazza is called Piazza Vescovado and it is here that you can find the cathedral, which was built in the eleventh century and the tall bell tower is built in Romanesque style.

The Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Angelo has been there in its present form since it was rebuilt on the site of an ancient church in the eighteenth century and renovated in 1944. It is a favourite place for pilgrims, as it contains a greatly revered wooden statue of the Virgin Mary.

On my visit, I noticed many eastern European visitors and it is popular with Germans and Austrians too. I was there in the month of July and, though it was definitely busy, it never felt too crowded as the beaches are so huge. And the weather was absolutely magnificent.

We experienced just one thunder storm and the sky turned ominously grey, before we headed for cover.

Things to do:

Caorle, being flat, is a perfect place to hire a bicycle and there are plenty of cycling paths. For children who need to let off some steam, there is the Aquafollie Water Park or, for a fairground, there is always the Luna Park.

If you want a day to visit Venice while you are holidaying, there are boat excursions available to take you there in summer. It is also possible to take a boat trip around the waterways which surround the town.

Getting there:

Fly to Venice Marco Polo, Treviso or Trieste. There are plenty of bus and train options to take you to Caorle if you don’t want to hire a car.

Orna O’Reilly

Ostuni, Italy

12 thoughts on “Italian Beach Holiday: Caorle

    • Glad you liked it. And there certainly was lots of sand! In fact, there was so much sand, it felt quite roomy on the beach. I liked Caorle a lot. Great little restaurants too.

  1. Hi Orna
    Very enjoyable blog
    Unfortunately the photos do not appear in the email version but they did when I went to your web site
    Maybe something you want to look in to
    I hope your back pain is improving

    • Hi Dermot, I can’t understand how you had this problem. I have checked and don’t see anything wrong with my settings. A mystery! My back is improving daily, slowly but surely thank you. 😊

  2. What a pretty pretty town, I love all the colours of the buildings and of course the flowers. I had no idea this was there. Next time I go to the Veneto area I will make a point of seeing it. Lovely. Lyn

    • It’s a great place for walking and cycling, as it’s all flat. It’s been well organised for family holidays. I enjoyed it a lot. Nice little restaurants too and I possibly had the best gelato there ever!

  3. Orna, I loved this post. Caorle seems like a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the beaches. I love all the photos. This is a place I have not been to, but would definitely like to visit… thank you so much for posting this

  4. Thank you Margie. Caorle is indeed beautiful with two huge beaches and a lovely little town with lots of great restaurants and a real buzz. I loved it. Well worth a visit.

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