Puglia in Winter: Around Ostuni

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Winter sunset in Ostuni is spectacular, turning La Citta Bianca (The White City) as it is known, into a city tinged with gold and purple.

St. Oronzo is the patron saint of Ostuni and he stands high above Piazza Liberta keeping a watchful eye on his beautiful city.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

For the past week I have been staying in Ostuni, Puglia, down on the heel of Italy. The weather here is mild and sunny and I have been taking many exploratory walks in the area. As I have explored, so have I been taking lots of photos and thought I would share some of them with you as I travel.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Ancient olive trees dot the countryside and at the moment the olive groves are carpeted with wild flowers, making a fabulous display.

Harvesting continues, as evidenced by the nets laid out around the trees in many olive groves.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

I have made a visit to Polignano a Mare to admire the fantastic horse-shoe shaped beach.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.comAround Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

I have visited Torre Canne and walked several kilometres on the strand just this very morning. This photo of me stepping it out is courtesy of Tom Weber, The Palladian Traveler, himself.

Orna walks_WM

P1100464 twinked

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

I have spent an afternoon in Torre Santa Sabina, where the deserted beach awaits the summer crowds.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

And, of course, there’s the fabulous food here in Puglia, where nature provides an abundance of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Even the cherry trees are in bloom already.

Around Puglia l ©ornaoreilly.com

Home-made spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and burrata (cream filled mozzarella) was on my to-die for list a few days ago.

And today I ate a delicious Sunday lunch at Torre Santa Sabina, where I dined on the best Risotto alla Pescatora (fish risotto) ever, followed by excellent grilled Pesce Spada (sword fish).

I still have another week ahead of me in beautiful Puglia and will be documenting my stay with plenty of photos so you can travel virtually with me.

To visit Ostuni, you can go by train or fly to Brindisi. All information is on their local website. Click HERE.

Orna O’Reilly

Ostuni, Puglia

18 thoughts on “Puglia in Winter: Around Ostuni

    • That’s excellent. Casamassima is not far away from where I live; about one hour. Coincidentally, I was reading, just the other day, that there is a huge shopping centre there with a lot of designer outlets. I plan to visit there after Christmas for a look around. I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. Puglia is well worth the visit, especially as you obviously have connections here. Happy Christmas. Orna

  1. How sweet to take a pause in the holiday rushing to read about your travels in Italy, this time the heel. Thank you and have a beautiful, loving season of celebration.

  2. Hello Orna – our group of 4 plans to spend most of January in Puglia and we’re really getting a lot of inspiration from your posts. Renting apartments in Conversano and Lecce, spending a weekend in Ostuni and several days in Matera. I’ve been to Puglia twice before but none of my travel companions have, so I’m excited to share it with them.

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